Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I could be very happy if only I could find this......

My mind is a place of ordered chaos; planning, scheduling, anticipating, worrying, and orchestrating the 12-ring circus that is our lives.

* Take possession of my mind, take control of my body and I will submit with all of my heart and soul.

* Tell me to strip, and my thoughts start to change focus.

* Tell me I’m beautiful, so I can see myself through your eyes instead of my own.

* Tell me you’re pleased, so I don’t feel like I’m failing you.

* Be prepared, so I don’t worry about what you might have forgotten.

* Talk to me while we play, or my mind will stray.

* Tell me I’m wet for you, and I sink further into your hands knowing you are aware of my reactions.

* Tell me to open my legs, and I relinquish control.

* Tell me to look at you, so I feel your presence and make the connection of who controls my physical pleasure.

* Tell me you want to do things to me, so I can trust that you know where you are taking me.

* Give me pain, because sometimes it is too hard to shut down my own thoughts.

* Give me pain, if I have disappointed you so I can try harder.

* Give me pain, so you can take me further than I thought possible.

* Tell me why I’m being punished, so I know you care enough to help make me better.

* Tell me to take pain/pleasure from you, beyond what I perceive are my limits.

* Take me to that place where no one exists but you and your desires.

* Afterwards, tell me what my submission meant to you.

* Remind me that you own me in all ways and why that is important to you.

* Reassure me that I’ve done exactly as you wanted, so I don’t feel insecure.

* Tell me what you are thinking and feeling, because my own thoughts can deceive me.

* Take possession of my mind, and all of me is YOURS.