Sunday, February 27, 2011

29. Magic Orgasmic Rabbit

5 Star rating


Rotating beads,
Seperate controls,
Glow ‘n’ Dark buttons


Battery cap is a bitch to get on


Ever since my first dud elastomed rabbit a couple of years ago, I have been intrigued but also reserved about forking out for another one. Recently I stumbled across the Magic Spot Orgasmic which was on a clearance sale. I figured I wouldn’t be risking much with it being reduced to less than AU$20. What great luck finding such a bargin.


The Magic Spot Orgasmic by California Exotic is made from high grade silicone and plastic. These materials are non-porous, hypo-allergenic, food grade, Phthalate and latex free, which ensure you have a pleasurable time without harming your body. There was no unpleasant smell at all when I opened the packaging. But it does have a very mild smell which is only noticeable when you put your nose to it. It’s somewhat like a new eraser – the collectable type.  I highly recommend only using a waterproof lubricant, if required, on any silicone toy. Using silicone lubes can have a negative reaction and cause your toy to become sticky. 


I believe the Orgasmic only comes in the pink detailing, which isn’t usually my favourite colour but seems to work well with this one. The main bulk of the shaft and clit stimulator is crystal clear silicone allowing you to see the inner workings. The internal rotating beads, handle area, almost half the shaft and bullet come in a bright pink shade. The control face is black with small glow in the dark buttons.

Although you can’t really feel it, the silicone shaft has a very tiny pattern which I’m guessing is created by the mould cause it doesn’t have any effect apart from visually. To the fingers, the silicone has a squishy matte texture. On the other hand, the clit stimulator has a good size bump in the middle and surrounded by many smaller nubs. The plastic is smooth and see through with the control panel in matte.


The Orgasmic is a dual rabbit in which the shaft and clit sections are controlled individually. This vibrator features 6 small round buttons, including a seperate On/Off. Pressing the On/Off button emits a small red LED to let you know the rabbit is ready for action. There are 2 other LEDs to show which function you’re using. From here, you can hit the UP button on either the right or the left. The right side will start the bullet on low and will take you through 4 intensity levels. Pressing the DOWN button will decrease the levels until it turns the bullet off totally.

The left side operates the rotating beads in the shaft and swivelling head. The UP button works through 4 different speeds. Again, the DOWN will take you back through the levels until the shaft stops. Above these controls is a button with an F marked on it. This is where the magic is found. Both the rotating beads and the bullet respond to the F button. The bullet patterns are as followed each time the button is pressed

1. Solid vibration
2. Drawn out pulse in one pitch followed by a drawn out pulse in a slightly different pitch
3. Rapid pulses

The shaft reacts in the patterns below:

1. Beads spins to the left.
2. Beads spin a full rotation one way followed by a full rotation the opposite way. The head swivels in the same direction as the beads each time.
3. Beads spin half a rotation and then go the opposite for half a rotation. The head swivels the same.


The Magic Spot Orgasmic rabbit has a realistic shape penis head including the metus at the tip. The shaft is quite flexible so will work with pretty much anyone’s anatomy. Just below the head, inside the shaft, is 6 medium sized pink beads attached to a white plastic spinning wheel.  Just over half way down the shaft is where the clit stimulator is situated. It’s is also made from silicone, making it very pliable. This allows for the stimulation you desire on external sensitive parts as well as internally. Inside the stimulator are two different sized holes. The one furthest the shaft is large enough to cater for the bullet, which is attached to the bottom of the shaft via a 31.5” long cable. The smaller hole could be used for a second bullet if you require extreme vibrations. When this one has batteries inserted, it weighs 384gms (13.5oz). She measures 4.5” in circumference, 9.5” in total length with 4 ¼” of that being insertable.


The 1st and 2nd vibration levels for the bullet are quiet enough not to be heard through a closed door. But you may feel more relaxed to turn some music or a tv on if you plan on using the 3rd or 4th intensities. The rotating shaft creates a low power drill type of sound but you could see get away with not being heard if the door is close and of course it mutes the noise some when it’s inserted.

The Magic Spot Orgasmic rabbit runs on 4 X AA so she requires a lot of battery power but also delivers! I only use rechargeable batteries where possible and this one is more than happy to accept them. I tend to be lazy but also the fact that the battery compartment is tricky, I leave my batteries in and the vibrator doesn’t seem to suck them dry.


Being a rabbit, it’s main job is to be inserting vaginally, using either a thrusting or rocking motion, while the stimulator vibrates against your clitoris. If the stimulator part doesn’t hit the right spots, remove the bullet and use it where and how you prefer it. Use it for thorough solo pleasure or allow your partner to join in the fun. Because of the long length of the handle, it’s not really the type of toy to be used for DP. If you do intend to share this with someone who you’re not fluid bonded with, a condom is highly recommended. If you’re fond of some perineum stimulation, this could be used anally, making it work for the guys too. Again, a condom would make clean up a lot easier.


The main part of the Orgasmic isn’t waterproof being that the silicone is a sleeve that has been glued on the shaft but at the base is a hole the bullet cable exists from. If water was to enter here, it would get into the electrical components. Rabbits don’t like to swim. The actual bullet is waterproof with a proper seal where the cable connects. To wash, simply use anti-bacterial soap, wipes or toy spray. Being silicone, it can even be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution but please be sure to rinse it off thoroughly.


Normally this vibrator comes in a reasonable large cardboard box with a picture of the toy on the front. I don’t know if the company I bought mine from got them cheaper without being in a box or whether they removed it to make overseas postage lighter. But mine arrived sealed in a tougher type of clear plastic with the item code sticker on the front. For the bargin price I scored this vibrator for, I’m not worried about the box at all. Being there was no box, there also was no storage bag, but from what I have seen online, this one doesn’t come with a pouch at the best of times.


This baby is called Magic for a reason! It hits both my g-spot and clitoris at the same time as delivering powerful vibrations. It doesn’t get that much better in the toy world, than a penis wiggling around deep inside your greedy orifice. Not only does it stimulate my clitoris, but also my sensitive u-spot which is often forgotten about. I’m fascinated with see through toys where you can see the goings on inside, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I usually use the second speed on the bullet and the 2nd or 3rd rotating speed on the shaft which I find more than powerful.
The battery cap stays put even with vigorous usage but was a real pain to get on after placing the batteries in. The cap needs to slide into two tracks on either side but because the batteries sit hard up against it, it doesn’t want to stay in the first tracks on each side before you can slide the cap into the second tracks. By the time I had the cap properly in place, my mood had almost disappeared. Needless to say, I won’t be taking the batteries out of this one until they need charging or I no longer use it on a semi regular basis.

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